Native American Jewelry-Fetishes-Pottery

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Paintings by Sammy Lee


  Samuel (Sammy) Gordon Lee,
     a Cheyenne and Arapaho
   tribal member, lives in Geary
 Ok. The fact that Lee is a gifted
  artist is evident in his paintings.
  What makes Lee's work extra-
 ordinary is that he is paralyzed
 below the waist with limited use
 of his arms and hands ." When
 I was just 27 years old I dove 
 into water I thought was deep   
  enough and broke my neck."
     Lee quietly said. "My life
     changed  forever  that day."

        07/06/2012       " It's You or Me "
 " In rehab I didn't pray to walk
 again like all the others, I had
 already accepted that I wouldn't
    Instead  my prayer was that
   God would give me back my
 talent, Art." Lee said for the first
 couple of years he couldn't paint
 at all because of severe spasms
 in his arms and hands."I worked
 and slowly began to gain some
 muscle control mostly in my left
 arm and hand. So I taught my-
 self to be left handed after being
 right handed my whole life."

    Evening Search Scout



 "God answered my prayer and
 I have lots of time to paint. I get
 lost in my painting, like reading,
 you lose track of time...that's
     how it is when I start to
     paint... time doesn't exist."
  Lee continues to have limited
  use of his right arm and hand
  and primarily uses his left hand
  to paint and draw. Lee's art
  has been featured at the Cow-
  boy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma
  City and a New York City

  Peyote Ceremony





Spirit Rider